Crofton Highs Cheer Team; First Season in Full Swing

Sophia Mancuso , Photo Editor

Football season is in full swing, marking Crofton High School’s second-ever football season and first-ever season with a full crowd in the stands. Friday night football games wouldn’t be the same without the cheerleaders performing on the sidelines. Their captivating stunts, tumbling, and uniform sideline cheers, are a huge part of what makes the games an exciting experience. 

Autumn Marx, a varsity cheerleader at Crofton High, states how her favorite part about being on the cheer team is, ¨the friends I’ve made. Most of the time they are really good friends to have in your life and they tend to stick with you.¨ Marx also stated ¨my favorite part about Friday Night Lights is the crowd. When the student section is hype it makes it so much more fun to cheer.¨ In addition, Marx said, ” My favorite routine is the dances, they are so fun to do and once you finally pick it up and can do it like the back of your hand it’s so fun!”

The junior varsity cheer team performs alongside the junior varsity football team, and the varsity cheer team performs alongside the varsity football team. Both teams perform tumbling passes, stunts, sideline cheers, and dance routines. 

Sophomore Sophia Greene, on the Crofton High varsity cheer team, expressed that, ¨Before a game our practices can go both ways, we either are having a really difficult time getting hype and mentally prepared for a game or we cannot wait to get out on the track and cheer.” Greene also said how her favorite part about performing is, “expressing and sharing the joy of cheer to other people,” and that her favorite routine is either their Beyoncé or Seven Nation routine. Lastly, Sophia Greene mentioned her favorite part about being on the team, “is the bonds I have with my teammates, I also really enjoy putting in hard work to make all that we do possible.” 

The Crofton High Cheer team consists of 21 athletes; 13 on varsity and 8 on junior varsity. The coaches include Coach Mike, Coach Stephanie, Coach Jo, and Coach Stacy. 

Kennedy Lyles, a sophomore on the junior varsity cheer team expressed how her biggest concern on game days is, “either dropping a flyer on the track or messing up a halftime routine.” Lyles also stated, “My favorite part about performing is being in the spotlight and being able to forget about everything else and live in the moment.” 

The Crofton High Cheer team is a vital part in making Friday night football games such a special experience. Thanks to the energy of these athletes, students are able to cheer on the teams while watching amazing routines and tricks.