The Movie Mother! (2017) Needs Stronger Content Ratings

The Movie Mother! (2017) Needs Stronger Content Ratings

Beth Prestwood, Staff Writer

TRIGGER WARNING- In the movie Mother! (2017), horror movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, there is an immense amount of traumatic gore and violence. The movie is rated R but it should definitely be rated NC-17 due to the strong brutal violence. 


When a film is Rated R it means Restricted- viewers under 17 require an accompanying parent or adult guardian. This is because it contains some adult media. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them. When a film is rated NC-17 it means no one 17 and under is admitted. It is clearly for adults. Children are not admitted. This tells parents the film may have strong brutal violence, extensive language, some strong sexual content, and drug material. The film Mother fits in the NC-17 category


The film is about a woman named Mother and her husband. They live in the middle of a field, any sign of people can’t be seen for miles. The house is run down and old, so in the movie Mother does renovations. Mother later gets pregnant, and the husband decides to write a book and publish it. People soon start to show up, asking for signatures and to ask questions about his way of life. More and more people show up and refuse to leave after Mother is crying, screaming, and yelling for them to leave. They start breaking the kitchen sink and breaking through walls, completely destroying this house. Throughout the movie you see a heart under the floorboards and it gets weaker and weaker resembling Mother. 


Mother gives birth and is extremely exhausted, her husband tries to take the baby but she doesn’t trust him. She tries to protect the baby as much as possible but since she just gave birth she is tired. Mother falls asleep and her husband takes the child and sacrifices it to the people in the house. The people rip the child apart and eat it. 


This movie is supposed to resemble Mother as Mother Earth, the husband as God, the child as Jesus, the house as Earth, the book as the Bible, and the people as God’s disciples. The movie is meant to represent the torture and neglect towards Mother Earth and the cleansing of the Earth of evil people in the Bible. 


Children under the age of 17 should not be allowed to watch this movie. I was 14 when I watched it and the movie made me very angry, it made me cry, and I almost threw up. The effects, sounds, and visuals used in this movie make it a perfect mix to a traumatic story. Children under the age of 17 wouldn’t be able to fully comprehend what happened and it is something no one should ever have to see or imagine. I still can’t fully comprehend and grasp what happened in the movie and it still makes me sick. 


Some people may see that Mother! was filmed with good intentions and it made people think about the way people see religion and humanity. The movie still made gruesome connections to the Bible and how humanity treats the Earth. The movie sheds light on how religion can take over for some people and the sacrifice of Jesus to forgive people of their sins. The extreme visuals, gore, and dynamic of the movie still makes it a film that should be rated NC-17. The movie should be rated NC-17 because children shouldn’t be exposed to that level of violence and gore the movie expresses. If you are under 17 and decide to watch it, please be ready for sickening and disturbing scenes.