Bermuda: Beautiful beaches and so much more


Aidan Frank, Staff Writer

View from one of the islands small mountaintops of a famous “pink sand beach” (Aidan Frank)

Bermuda is a sunny twenty-square-mile island nearly 600 miles off the coast of South Carolina. Despite being only a little bit larger than 3 times Crofton in area, Bermuda has so much to offer!  The Bermuda Triangle is infamous for downed ships and tropical storms in the, but the water is generally calm and safe to swim in. Due to the position of Bermuda, visiting this beautiful British Overseas Territory any time of the year is a fantastic way to experience island life not too far from the shores of America.


Image of the beautiful Hamilton Bermuda downtown in the shopping   district.
(Aidan Frank)


The climate of Bermuda is generally pleasant year-round, with highs in the mid-80s during the summer months and lows of just 60 degrees on average during February, the coldest month on the island. Despite being at the same latitude as Charleston, South Carolina, it has never snowed due to the warm tropical climate held in place by the gulfstream. The coldest it has ever gotten was just 43 degrees, making it a safe choice for winter vacation. 

Fish and other wildlife on the island are abundant, some of which are endemic to the island and the waters around it. Many of these species can be seen easily just a few feet into the ocean. Due to calm waters, Bermuda is great for beginners to snorkel or scuba dive. Many tours will also specialize in this and take you to the top snorkeling spots.

There are a few ways one can get to Bermuda for a visit, including flying to the island or sailing on a cruise ship. A flight from New York City or the District of Columbia comes in at a little over two hours. Many cruise lines depart from Boston, Cape Liberty (Northern New Jersey), and Baltimore to Bermuda during early spring and throughout the whole summer. 

Getting around Bermuda is relatively easy, and the locals are kind and knowledgeable about the island. Because of the isolated location and high cost of living, visiting the island is pretty expensive, even in non-tourist areas. Expect to budget at least 500 dollars a night for a stay in a luxury hotel, with more “affordable” options still coming out to an extraordinarily high 275 dollars a night on average. This means that sometimes a cruise is actually more affordable than flying and staying in a hotel, so when I visited with my father we sailed over from Baltimore.

In summary, the island of Bermuda is a very clean, safe, and easy-to-get-around place to visit. I recommend traveling any time of the year and exploring all that the charming island has to offer. The bright, vibrant, and diverse island is very welcoming to tourists and has been found to be very safe to traverse and easy to get around.