Teacher Feature: Mrs. Kamp Teaches Art


Mrs. Kamp

Mrs. Kamp with her own art pieces

Mia Schroeder, Photo Editor

“From prehistoric cave drawings to today’s digital world. Teaching art is teaching the human experience!” 

These words capture the personality of Mrs. Kyler Kamp, the art teacher here at Crofton High School. Her passion for art meets her love for teaching, making her a dynamic and engaging educator. She’s especially excited to be a part of something new here at Crofton High. 

Mrs. Kamp worked in graphic design for several years before pursuing a career as an art teacher. She taught at Crofton Meadows Elementary then transferred to Old Mill High School, where she taught for 3 years. When asked why she wanted to work at Crofton High School, Kamp stated that “I wanted to be a part of something new. As the first art teacher at Crofton High, I am able to help launch a quality program that exemplifies the importance of art education.”

Mrs. Kamp went to West Virginia University, earning her BFA in Graphic Design, and her Masters in teaching at UMBC. Kamp stated “I love the social environment of a classroom and I love art. It was the obvious answer for me after working in graphic design for several years and realizing I wanted more interaction than the computer screen.” Both her sister and mom are also teachers, which led her to the profession as well. 

Furthermore, when asked specifically about her love for teaching art, she stated “Art is relevant to all our lives, whether we realize that or not.” 

Mrs. Kamp shows enthusiasm in her classes, and Freshman Lindsey Hughes stated that she always greets her students with a smile, sharing her excitement with her students.

Hughes explained, “She helped me become a better artist by explaining that you’re not going to do well in every aspect of art, and that’s totally okay.” Lindsey was nervous to take it at first because it was not one of her strong suits, but stated that “Mrs. Kamp makes art fun and obtainable, and believes that no one is bad at it.” she went on to say “My attitude has changed and now I look forward to going to art class every week!”