Staff Feature: Mr. Fitzgerald; Football Coach and Behavioral Specialist


AJ Jones, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Noah Fitzgerald is a staff member with a dual role at Crofton High School. He is not only the football coach, but the behavioral support specialist for students at CrHS.


This school year is Mr. Fitzgerald’s first year working as an educator. Mr. Fitzgerald graduated from Fordham University in 2019, obtaining his bachelor’s degree. Now, he is enrolled at the University of Maryland and will be graduating in 2022 with a Master’s Degree. 


“I have not had the opportunity to work with many students the way I’d like to.” Mr. Fitzgerald stated in the interview.


Mr. Fitzgerald, along with the majority of the CrHS staff, struggles with educating at his full potential due to COVID-19.


Mr. Fitzgerald decided to pursue a career in education to help students see and become the best versions of themselves. Mr. Fitzgerald has had an extreme interest in coaching high school football.”This career path has made all of those things possible” he added.


Mr. Fitzgerald teaches a community wellness class as well. He is impressed with the topics which are being covered in community wellness. “The conversations we are having with students [in community wellness] shows the growth of AACPS. These subjects weren’t discussed when I was in high school, and that was only five years ago.” he stated.


As for his life outside of education, Mr. Fitzgerald is very active. He loves hiking and strength training. Although, since the pandemic began, Mr. Fitzgerald is much more limited. He claimed that he is “probably better at Warzone and Fortnite than the average person.” 


Natalie Guevara, a sophomore at CrHS has been taught by Mr. Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald was a long-term sub for Guevara’s math class. 


Guevara was fond of Mr. Fitzgerald’s teaching style. “He made sure that we knew what we were doing, and was very detailed with his directions.” she said.


According to Guevara, Mr. Fitzgerald was nice, funny and extremely helpful.


When asked about her favorite part of Mr. Fitzgerald’s teaching, Guevara stated “I loved how well he explained assignments and he made our assignments much easier.”