Crofton Students Express Disgust and Fury over Insurrection at the Capitol

Crofton Students Express Disgust and Fury over Insurrection at the Capitol

Ryley Douglass, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, a pro-Trump riot broke out on Capitol Hill, as Congress was in session. A group of violent protesters broke into the Capitol building, putting lives at risk. The news spread like wildfire through social media. 

Many students in the Crofton community from South River High School and Crofton High School said they were disgusted and infuriated at these events. 

Nat Goodwill, a SRHS junior, said they felt disappointed, but not surprised. 

“I think it is absolutely disgusting through and through,” SRHS sophomore, Summer Hoffman wrote. “From the fact that confederate flags were waving in our capital, to our congressmen hiding worried for their lives, to the President basically encouraging the behavior.” 

Alex Kline, a SRHS senior, referred to the event as a disgrace to our nation. 

“It’s upsetting that people are shouting how pro American they are when they’re stopping a crucial American process,” CrHS sophomore Chase Nester explained. 

One student even explained how they were ashamed to be American after this. 

Hoffman explained how the clear imbalance between how the law enforcement handled the Black Lives Matter peaceful protests and the riots on Capitol Hill was very upsetting to her, as it was to many others. “Just the fact that he did not call in the National Guard and stayed pretty silent was terrifying to me,” she explained. 

“The fact that they could just walk into the building and the cops did absolutely nothing while innocent black people were walking down a street WITH MASK and still were getting beaten, tear-gassed, shot, and arrested,” Grace Fay, CrHS freshman wrote, explaining her frustration. “You know I think if it would have been black people there would have been no question to send the National guard real fast,” CrHS sophomore Eliana Lewis wrote. 

This event has greatly affected the way that some students view President Trump and his supporters. 

“He called on his supporters to commit an act of domestic terrorism, and the fact that people are still defending that is just sad,” sophomore Ashley Ewing, a CrHS student, said,  explaining how Trump’s racism and homophobia already caused her to have a negative view of him. 

“This further supports my idea of our ‘president’ and his supporters, which is that Donald J. Trump is a joke and his supporters just blindly follow his lead with whatever nonsense he throws at them,” Nat Goodwill wrote. 

Morgan Douglass, a senior from SRHS explained, “My view on the president and his supporters has always been low but now it is much more low as they performed an act of domestic terrorism.”