Crofton Students Reflect on Election and Upcoming Inauguration


Anna Porter, Staff Writer

This Wednesday, January 20, 2021 President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn into office and become the 46th president of the United States. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this election due to false allegations of election fraud, mail-in ballots vs in-person voting, and people not accepting the results of the election. Despite being too young to vote in this election, Crofton High students have lots of knowledge and opinions on it and how everything has played out so far.

Freshman Emily Krucoff shared that she was disappointed by the debates saying that “Neither candidate was able to get a lot of solid points out and many questions were left unanswered.” But she was relieved by the results of the election and said, “I think that the results will benefit our country and our democracy.” She also shared that she believes “It is extremely immature and irresponsible that our own president won’t accept to peacefully transition his power claiming it was a “fraudulent” election.”

Many students share that same opinion on President Trump’s reaction to the results of the election. Freshman Ben Surlis said, “I am excited for the inauguration but I think it is unprofessional that Trump is not going to be there because win or lose the president should be there.” He added, “I think it was also very unprofessional of our president to incite protests of the results of the election just because he lost.”

Freshman Ayva Robinson was not surprised by the results of the election saying, “The whole entire nation was a little bit fed up with Trump’s actions and the broken promises.” She also shared that she feels ashamed of her country after the insurrection of the Capitol incited by President Trump last Wednesday. She said, “I was disappointed and angry that we as people have disregarded what our constitution and what our country was built on because of politics.”

Even students who supported Trump were surprised and disappointed by his actions after the election. “I was honestly quite disappointed with how the election turned out. Our country has seen historical improvements with the economy, foreign relationship, equality, and much more, and without Trump’s reelection, I am nervous that some of his policies may be reversed,” said freshman Sarah Boniface. Despite being a supporter of Trump and his policies, she did not support his reaction to losing the election. She said, “He acted like a sore loser, and just when President Trump saw a chance to turn the results around, he took it a step too far and it led to the Capitol insurrection.”

Whatever people’s feelings towards the results of the election and the upcoming inauguration are, this new administration is going to be a definite change from what everyone has experienced over the last four years. Even though Crofton High students could not vote in this election, they have been involved and engaged in the process and next time they will be out there ready to cast their vote.