Winter Sports Continue Online

Ben Surlis, Staff Writer

Winter sports have been postponed from the original start date, and students all across Anne Arundel County are still struggling to be active. All sports that were supposed to be starting such as indoor lacrosse, basketball, etc. are attempting to work through online practices. Many students are struggling to attend these online practices.

Freshman Dylan Oglesby is participating in Winter basketball at Crofton High School. He says, ” Although winter practices online are definitely different, at least we are still staying active … As long as I’m enjoying these practices and getting a workout in, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or in-person”.

Other students such as freshman Nathan Miller have decided although they would normally participate in winter sports, due to the circumstances they will not. When asked if he was partaking in winter sports he said. “If the sports practices are virtual, I may have to pass, and just try to do workouts by myself”. “I think I would just find it easier to find or do my own workouts.”

But most students are just happy to get back to being active, like Tom Gress. “I’ve been bored out of my mind waiting for sports to come back”, he said. Green added that he was “hyped” to get back winter lacrosse, and said, “I’m definitely excited to get that stick back in my hands.”

Some sports are still scheduled to continue online practices, but the consensus is that indoor lacrosse will resume today, January 21. Students are eager to start winter sports and to get up and be active.