Grand Army: The Life of the American Teenager

Grand Army: The Life of the American Teenager

Sophia Greene, Opinion Editor

Grand Army is a new show that aired on Netflix in 2020. Grand Army revolves around several different main characters that all attend Grand Army High School in Brooklyn, New York. The show challenges many topics that our new generation is forced to overcome. 

Grand Army has sparked interest in the media due to it being so relatable to teenagers. The show focuses on social and economical issues that are relevant to many teenagers in their real everyday lives. Each character has different backstories and struggles which makes it easy to connect with each character. The show tackles racism, activism, performative activism, sexual assault,and struggling to come to terms with your own identity. 

Performative activism is a problem in this new day in age, Joey Del Marco, played by Odessa A´Zion, is a perfect example of a performative activist. Joey goes out of her way to make social statements throughout the school, she genuinely believes she’s helping the greater good of society. The girl’s basketball team takes a knee during the pledge of allegiance, while Joey stays standing, as soon as a few students start yelling at the team Joey suddenly takes a knee. That is only one example of performative activism. 

Racism is the main focus of the show, starting with an incident that led a character to lose his scholarship, his ambition, and his joy. Identity is one of the things everyone has in common, we all strive to be the best version of ourselves. But the show takes on what happens if who you are is only an act for your parents, and you’re left alone in discovering who you are, what you like and who you like. Grand Army is a five out of five stars watch, while being funny and entertaining, the show also shows the dire and sad reality of growing up.