Royal Book Recommendations


“book stack” by ginnerobot is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ryley Douglass, Staff Writer

If you can’t get enough stories about countries and their monarchs, here are a few royal book recommendations that will transport you into a world of glittering parties and glamorous crowns. 


  1. “American Royals” by Katharine McGee

This duology, written by Katharine McGee transports you into an alternate America, one where George Washington accepted the offer to be the reigning monarch of America. One of his descendants, Princess Beatrice, is the first woman to ever be the direct heir to the throne since it was previously against the law to have a queen reign. Her sister, Princess Samantha, falls in love with the man Beatrice is to marry. Both Nina and Daphne pine after Prince Jefferson. “My expectations were high, and they were definitely met in this fun and frothy YA read,” Elizabeth from “She’s Full of Lit” wrote in her review. The female characters were masterfully written and the drama is so immersive. If you are a fan of well developed characters and beautifully written romance, this duology is perfect for you. 

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  1. “The Princess Will Save You” by Sarah Henning

Published in 2020, this novel is a more feminist take on “The Princess Bride,” a cult-classic movie that originated as a novel by William Goldman. If you’ve ever longed for a YA romance novel that empowers women and doesn’t embrace that ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype, look no further. Princess Amarande needs to save her secret love, Luca, from kidnappers after they kidnap him. However, what the kidnappers don’t know is Amarande is an excellent warrior and she is not going down without a fight. According to Natalie DeFelice from, “This story has it all. Pirates, sword wielding princesses, and a daring quest to save the kingdom as well as their heart.” This feminist take on “The Princess Bride” is full of meaningful relationships and well written protagonists. 

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  1. “Prince Charming” by Rachel Hawkins

This novel, which is the first part of the “Royals” duology, is about a girl who is thrown into the world of the royals. Daisy Winters’ sister Ellie gets engaged to Prince Alexander of Scotland. Daisy has to get used to being hounded by the press and being in the public eye, being the sister of the fiance of the crown prince. “If you’re ever in the mood for a fluffy read, Prince Charming is sure to please,” a review from said. 

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  1. “Victoria” by Daisy Goodwin 

This book follows England’s Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901. This is a fictional account of her life, but it is very well written. “If you’re into history and you love royal fluff you will love this book,” a review by said. 

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  1. “My Lady Jane” by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

This book is a fictitious account of Lady Jane Grey’s life. This story is a perfect fusion of romance, fantasy, historical fiction, and comedy. “My Lady Jane is everything one could hope for in a young adult book – and more,” Alannah from said in her review. If you love comedy, romance, historical fiction, and fantasy, you’d adore this book. 

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