Teacher Feature: Mrs. Grant-Landry Teaches Math

Adriana Jones, Staff Writer

Mrs. Patricia Grant-Landry is one of Crofton High School’s Math teachers. Before teaching at Crofton, she taught at Glen Burnie High School for 4 years and in Florida for 3 years before that.

Working at Crofton High School was a convenient choice for Mrs. Grant since she lives in the community. She said she also wanted to work here because she wanted to be a part of building a new school, community, and culture.

“When I taught in Florida, I was teaching at a school that was only 10 years old,” said Mrs. Grant. “There were teachers teaching there since the opening of the school and I was also so jealous of the history and culture they were involved in.”

Mrs. Grant feels Math is one of the most honest subjects. She said she likes that there is truth in mathematics and that with it, you’re either right or wrong, there isn’t a “more right” answer. She also owns her love of math, and said, “I am a nerd.”

She went to school at Rollins College in Winter Park Florida.

Mrs. Grant wanted to be a teacher because she knew she couldn’t sit in an office and stare at a computer screen all day. “Funny how that worked out for me this year ha!” she said. She said she actually wanted to be a coach and play lacrosse forever, so that is what led her to teach. Although she didn’t realize then how much she would come to love it. Mrs. Grant says her father was also a teacher.

Online school as a teacher this year has been a big challenge for Mrs. Grant. She said that she really misses the kids and seeing students every day.

“I am an active teacher in the classroom, we play games and chant and I miss it a lot”, she explained. Although, on the bright side she does enjoy starting school later in the day.

In her free time, Mrs. Grant likes to go to the beach and just spend time with her family and friends.