Opinion: The Ignorance of the Insurrection

AJ Jones, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Racism, Photo of Noose, Police Brutality

      Wednesday, January 6th, a swarm of supporters of the former president, Donald Trump, stormed the U.S. capitol. Fights were initiated with the police and many rioters physically broke into the capitol. For the first time in U.S history, a confederate flag was inside of our nation’s capitol building. 

Thugs. Anarchists. Terrorists. All words used by Donald Trump to describe protesters and rioters during the surge of BLM protests in the summer of 2020.

What did Donald Trump have to say about the riots which occurred at the capitol on January 6th?

Trump sent out a video message to these rioters in which he announced “We love you. You’re very special.” Racism, classism and all around white supremacy at its finest. This video has since been removed. 

I’ve personally never been a fan of Trump, and I’ve been vocal about that since 2016. He’s deceitful, hateful, narcissistic and untrustworthy. This has been proved in countless situations, but even though I could go on for hours, that’s not what I’m here to voice my opinion on.

Thousands of rioters attended the storming of the capitol building. None of these people wore masks. What does that tell you about the intelligence of these people? The COVID-19 rates on the east coast were already rising. This event was bound to spread the virus even more. Thousands of people, practically on top of one another with no masks? It’s a pigpen of disease. 

Not to mention, these rioters would consistently chant “Blue Lives Matter” during the time of the BLM protests. So, why are they the ones fighting the police this year? Is it simply because their idol lost a completely fair election? 

To put things simply, the system is rigged. The police and security at the Capitol wholly  showed much more leniency to the people at the Capitol, rather than the POC who peacefully protested across the country last summer.

In a video taken during the riot, it shows a pro-trump police officer assisting rioters in their attack of the capitol. In another video, it shows peaceful protestors who were marching for George Floyd being attacked by police officers. A large majority of the people serving our country, even our own government are bigots.

Moreover, the Capitol rioters showed zero respect for our country by acting as they did on January 6th. One rioter looted the office of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Another raised the confederate flag in the Capitol. Someone else hung a noose outside of the Capitol. These are acts of sacrilege, and they were, in essence, brushed off by the police. 

This was all caused by former President Trump. In a speech given shortly before the insurrection, Trump told his supporters to “fight like h*ll”. Soon after, the Capitol attack occurred. Donald Trump reminds me of the leader of a wolf pack. Except the wolves are racist.

We must advance as a society. Our country is divided- it’s built on hate and prejudice. A change is needed, and now, because we’re only taking steps back. So, make a change. Sign petitions, make donations, put your voice out there. There’s no telling how far it will go.