Staff Feature: Professional School Counselor Mrs. Thomas

Staff Feature: Professional School Counselor Mrs. Thomas

Jenelle Thomas, Managing Editor

Before Mrs. Lisa Thomas worked at Crofton High School, she worked with all grade levels elementary, middle, and high school throughout Anne Arundel County.

She said she was excited to be continuing with the high school level since she loves the atmosphere. She wants to help high schoolers make good decisions and motivate their lives. Being a school counselor is actually not her first career she was a professional actress before getting married and having children.

For her undergraduate degree, she attended Frostburg State University and majored in psychology and theatre. For her graduate school, she went to Bowie State University and majored in School Counseling. Mrs. Thomas loves she has the opportunity to watch her students learn and grow. She likes to see them work through experiences that can happen in real-life as they work together and build friendships and connections.

She said she especially loves the “A-ha” moments when the students start to understand what to do. Her favorite thing is helping students get through the year and say that they appreciate their help. When they succeed she succeeds and enjoys it when her students tell her what they did after they graduated.

Sophomore Allie Gallaher has this to say it’s easy to understand the way Mrs. Thomas teaches because she makes things very simple and provides in-depth instructions. There is a lot of student activity during the community circle when the questions are asked.

She likes how Mrs. Thomas is fun, understanding, and always has a good time in Community Wellness. She says she wants to get to know Mrs. Thomas because she is “very nice and a helpful person.” Allie wants to learn more about her guidance counselor and appreciates all the help Mrs. Thomas has given her with her schedule and with time management skills.