First Days at Crofton High School


Anna Porter

Students walk into Crofton High School for the first time.

Anna Porter and Julia Caufield

On March 8, grade 9 hybrid students attended in-person school for the first time ever at Crofton High School. They were the first group of students to attend any classes in the building. On March 22, grade 10 students who have selected hybrid will start.

Social Studies Teachers waiting in the hallway for their students. (Anna Porter)

According to The Capital Gazette, Crofton High School has 54.45%, the highest AACPS percentage of high school students, returning to the building. 

9th-grade students in Ms. Gresko’s 1st-period chorus class. (Anna Porter)

Hybrid students have been placed in one of two cohorts- one that goes into school on only Mondays and Tuesdays and one that goes into the building on only Thursdays and Fridays. On days their cohort is not in school, students will join class virtually. All students will do school virtually on Wednesdays to allow time for the school to be sanitized. 

Students walking to class (Julia Caufield)

Teachers will be teaching both hybrid and virtual students concurrently, so virtual students will not miss out on any instruction. There will be about 12 students in each class with each student’s desk socially distanced. Although the desks are socially distanced, students will be required to wear their masks the whole day unless they are eating or drinking. 

Mr. Smith teaching AP US History to 9th graders in 2nd period. (Anna Porter)

After the second period (or community wellness on Mondays,) students will go to their mid-day block location. The mid-day block will take place in different locations such as the gym, the media center, or the cafeteria. During the mid-day block, students will be able to virtually attend clubs and flex time, study, listen to music, recharge devices, and more. 

Decorated whiteboard in the Social Studies hallway to welcome students. (Anna Porter)

For more information about hybrid learning visit the AACPS website at or the Crofton High School website at

Buses waiting to pick students up at the end of the day. (Julia Caufield)