A Week Away: A Story of Salvation



Netflix’s A Week Away

Megan Howarth, Staff Writer

On March 26, 2021, Netflix released its original film “A Week Away” starring Kevin Quinn, Bailee Madison, Sherri Shepherd, Kat Connor Sterling, Ian Tucker, and many more. It is rated PG and is designed for younger audiences, but there is plenty for teens and adults to enjoy. Filled with music from artists such as For King and Country, Michael W Smith, Amy Grant, and Steven Curtis Chapman. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 83% audience score and 43% on the Tomatometer. IndieWire calls it “High School Musical-with a Christian twist”.

A Week Away is a story about friendship, love, being true to yourself, salvation, and hope. The story opens on Will, portrayed by Kevin Quinn, who stole a cop car, along with multiple other felonies. He is threatened with being sent to a detention center but instead is sent to a Christian summer camp, Aweegaway. At the camp, he meets many people, who later become his best friends, especially Avery. Avery is a young girl, Portrayed by Bailee Madison, who lost her mother. All Avery has left is her father, who is the owner of Aweegaway. It is quickly revealed that Will likes Avery a whole lot. This idea of Avery and Will is pursued throughout the entire film. Within the movie, you can see the emotional growth that Will faces, as he comes to know who he truly is and the value of friendship. 

This film is a story of hope and salvation. Finding yourself and learning that through perseverance, all things are possible. It is a movie that the entire family can enjoy. Catchy music, Fun dances, and a sweet story? What’s not to enjoy? It just makes me want to jump on my feet and start dancing!