Students Share Opinions On COVID-19 Precautions Returning Back To School


Julia Caufield

Students walking to class

Sophia Mancuso and Megan Howarth

Crofton High began hybrid learning on March 8 with 9th graders going back into the building and sophomores returning March 22.  Those who chose to go back hybrid were assigned either Mondays and Tuesdays, or Thursdays or Fridays as their in-person learning days, with the opposite days remaining virtual.

To ensure the safety of students and teachers/faculty, the school has put many rules in place regarding sanitation and social distancing.  

The rules put in place were both rules which students were familiar with, practicing whenever in public, as well as ones more specific to the school environment. One major guideline students are familiar with, is that students must wear a mask.  Students can only take their masks off when eating during the lunch period.  Another significant rule put in place is that all students must stay six feet apart throughout the building. 

Other rules which are more specific to school environments include wiping down desks and any classroom supplies with sanitation wipes at the end of the class period, as well as having the locker rooms closed off for P.E students.  

Chase Nester, a 10th-grade student at Crofton High School, returned to the building on March 22. Nester said he believes that the school’s COVID precautions have been exemplary, and he feels completely safe when going to the school. “It really feels like a normal day at a high school,” Nester stated.

Nester also said he thinks that the school has been very vigilant about masks and social distancing. “Everyone has done a good job maintaining social distancing on their own as well,” Nester said. Nester said he assumes that if we keep maintaining regulations and continue to work on staying safe, we will have positive results at the end of this global pandemic.

Lucy Dennis, a 9th grader at Crofton High School, returned to the building on March 8, 2021. Dennis said she believes that the school has done a great job of keeping students and staff safe during the pandemic. 

“There are many hands washing and sanitizing stations all throughout the school, and before transition between each class period, students wipe down desks and their chairs. There are numerous places to socially distance around the school” Dennis stated. She also mentioned that she feels very safe and comfortable attending Crofton High School.

Addison Bridges, a 10th-grade student returning to Crofton High for hybrid learning,  said “the school is doing enough to keep us all safe, all of the teachers do a great job at enforcing the rules regarding COVID-19 safety.” 

Bridges also noted that “I believe that social distancing is very important, however, it makes it difficult in some circumstances to talk to the people around you, other than that I think the school is doing a great job.” 

The precautions and rules put in place by Crofton High administrators are crucial in keeping students safe from COVID-19.  Additionally, students who have returned to the building for hybrid learning seem to generally agree with the precautions moving forwards and feel safe returning back to school.