Staff Feature: Principal Feuerherd


Anna Porter, Managing Editor

As someone who grew up, attended school and returned to teach in Anne Arundel County, Principal Kathryn Feuerherd said she is excited to use her knowledge and expertise to lead the brand new Crofton High School. She grew up in Linthicum, attended Linthicum Elementary School, Brooklyn Park/Lindale Middle School, and North County High School. She then went on to receive her undergraduate degree from Hood College and her master’s degree from McDaniel College. 

Principal Feuerherd started working for AACPS in August of 2003. She worked for 13 years at Old Mill High School as a Social Studies teacher and department chair. She went to work at Southern High School as the principal from 2016-2019. When offered the job she was thrilled for the opportunity to be principal at Crofton High School.

She said she feels as though “being the principal of a brand-new high school is a once in a career experience.” According to Principal Feuerherd, one of the most appealing aspects was, “To be able to contribute to the culture, traditions, and learning environment from the start.” She wanted to be a principal because “ Throughout my career, I’ve always valued and appreciated the impact that a key leader can have on others.” She believes that “Contributing to the culture, traditions, learning environment, opportunities available to students, etc. and seeing the success of our students beyond high school is one of the most rewarding components of the role.”

The inaugural year at Crofton High School was far from what anyone thought it would be, but Principal Feuerherd shared that “while online/hybrid learning was definitely not what we anticipated this school year when we were planning last year, I am tremendously impressed with the relationships that have been built in each classroom, the instructional strategies and learning that takes place every day, and being able to finally see students accessing their brand new school.”

As she talked about before, this year has not been easy or what anyone anticipated but she is “very proud of the opportunities that we have been able to provide to our students this school year – not just in the classroom, but the variety of clubs and extracurricular opportunities that are available, including opportunities for student participation in our book study as well as in our Equity Leadership Council.” 

She said she feels like “Our students have experienced remarkable accomplishments through service learning opportunities, with activities such as the Special Olympics Cool Schools Plunge and inclusion events through Best Buddies and Unified Sports.  It has been amazing to see the level of student involvement in this very non-traditional school year!”

Mrs. Feuerherd shared that she has “twin 14-year old girls so when not working, you’ll most likely find me at one of my daughters’ sports practices or games or piano lessons.  When we really have some “downtime,” I really enjoy the outdoors – spending time on our deck/patio or at the beach, gardening, or reading.” As for sports “Any Baltimore team is my favorite – the Orioles for baseball season and the Ravens for football season.” She has a Labrador Retriever and is considering getting another dog this summer.

Science Department Chair Adam Swetz had amazing things to say about Principal Feuerherd. He shared that  “She has a clear vision for the school and truly values each person that works for her. She is professional and knowledgeable.” She is also “committed to giving everyone a voice. She has involved everyone in the decision-making process.” 

English Department chair Ms. Becca Bittman said she feels the same way. She said, “Her philosophies align with a lot of mine as well as the other staff and she is really making this an inclusive place. She uses her teacher’s knowledge and expertise to guide decisions.” Ms. Bittman also shared that she “recognizes the fact that we are putting lots of different school cultures together” because we are a brand new school, and “she really works to make both staff and students feel like you are a Crofton Cardinal like this is our community now.”

During this school year, it may have been hard for people to feel like they are a part of a community given the fact that we had to be separate for most of it but now that school has been in person for over 2 months Principal Feuerherd said she is “looking forward to when we are able to have all of our students in the building five days per week. Once everyone is back in person we will be able to really come together as a Crofton High School community.”