Meet Your Elected Student Government Officials


Camryn Chehreh, Staff Writer

Down the halls of Crofton High, homecoming excitement lingers. Crofton High School’s homecoming week ran from September 27 to October 1, and it marked the first official homecoming the school has held since its opening in the fall of 2020. Prior to the week of festivities, the elected Student Government Association officials had been working diligently to plan a pep rally that’s truly out of this world. 

These seven officers solve problems that might arise during the week of fun and games. As a team, the student government officers spend countless hours dedicated to the students of Crofton High each week.

Student Government President and Junior Rachel Mohammed said that her role is to serve as a liaison to students. 

“I knew we were at a new school and I wanted to make sure we could create a culture everybody felt like they wanted to participate in. I didn’t always feel connected to my community at past schools, but I wanted to make sure Crofton was a place where no matter what you did, whether you were an athlete, or really into robotics like myself, or in musical theatre, you felt like you had a place,” Mohammed said. 

She explained that she has a lot of say regarding student involvement and events within the school.

“I feel like I have a lot of control… There’s a lot more voice and acknowledgment on that side of things which is really cool to see.” Outside of Student Government, Mohammed is on the school’s robotics team, tutors middle school students in math, and volunteers as an EMT. “At the end of the day, I’m doing it to help people, whether they stubbed their toe or broke their femur.” She said she spends around eight hours a week volunteering at Station 7, the fire station on Davidsonville Road. “It’s probably the hardest thing I’ll ever do because every situation is brand new and I’m always dealing with different people. It’s a little stressful, but it’s really cool.” 

Juniors Hala Malik and Gabriella Cheetham serve as Crofton High’s first and second Vice Presidents. Coming to this new school inspired both to get more involved in student leadership. “With a new school and new opportunities, I knew I needed to be a part of it,” Malik said.

Cheetham explained that she enjoys planning ahead and preparing events for the student body and that a major part of being in an elected position is working with the other officers.

Junior Caffrey Helpa and sophomore Lucy Dennis work together to create the student government’s secretarial team. 

“My interest in making sure that this new high school will be a great experience and be well organized, so that everyone coming into the new high school will be able to create memories like students at other schools have,” Helpa explained.

“I really like organizing and planning,” Lucy said. “I can help out everywhere and also focus on my designated duties … being involved with other students that share similar passions and interests as me is very motivating and inspiring.” 

Sophomore Grace Grizzell and Junior Diego Garcia serve as Crofton High’s first and second treasurers. 

“My dad has taught me about finances since I was little to prepare me for the real world, so running for the position of treasurer seemed fitting,” Grizzell said. 

Garcia, the second treasurer for Crofton’s student government, is set on making sure students get the most out of their funding for school-sponsored events. “I think the way that we handle money for our school is very important and I don’t want our money to be wasted,” he said. “Especially because the SGA does such hard work fundraising that money. I think it’s important to use our money very wisely and maximize it.” 

The public relations officers are sophomore Anthony Pessia and junior Claire Higgins. 

Crofton High’s elected student government officials said they have spent many mornings, flex blocks, and afternoons dedicating their time to the school already, and they’re just getting started. SGA general meetings are held Wednesdays during gold block in the main lobby.