Crofton Students Call Testing Draining and Exhausting


Photo Illustration by Sophia Greene

A student holds a copy of the PSAT preparation guide.

Kat Iversen, Staff Writer

For the first two weeks of October, students at Crofton High School have been testing. Freshmen took the English MCAP and the Math MCAP, Sophomores took the Algebra 1 MCAP and the MISA, and Juniors took the PSAT, the MISA test, and MCAP English tests. Aside from the PSAT, all fall testing serves as makeup exams for what has been missed in past years due to COVID and virtual school.

Juniors Collin Perry and Nayashia Johnson said that they feel a little nervous about the testing, however, Perry added that he acknowledges that there is no real reason to be anxious. 

Sophomore Dominik Hajducsek took the MISA test at the school this Fall. Hajducsek offered that he does not “have strong feelings for it, [he] really just want[s] to get it over with.”

One general agreement between the three students concerned the disconnect between the students and the school. Perry, for one, shared that he felt he had “not been informed at all by the school” about testing information. Johnson agreed, and Hajducsek said students haven’t been offered as much information recently.

The students also said that testing can be draining.

 “I just feel like standardized testing as a whole is very draining and it’s very exhausting,” said Johnson. “[The testing] just seems very draining and really holds no use for us or those who don’t do well on testing.” 

Hadjuscek said that he wished “that they would give us more info about the testing.”

However, Johnson also offered a solution, and said that ”we shouldn’t have standardized testing anymore and it should be an option to want to take PSAT, the MCAP test, or the SATs.”