Dean from Gilmore Girls Raises Red Flag

Allyson Chelidona, Staff Writer

Gilmore Girls first aired October 5, 2000. The show went on for 7 seasons. Throughout these seasons main character Rory Gilmore has many encounters with her first boyfriend, Dean. For the first 3 seasons, Rory and Dean had a relationship. But was he really someone that was good for Rory?

The first red flag is after their 3 month anniversary when he told her he loved her. She couldn’t respond. He broke up with her after that. 

In Season 2, when Rory wanted some space for a night,  Dean stopped by to bring her ice cream. This was a sweet gesture but was better suited for a different time. 

Additionally, Rory’s dream was always to go to Harvard but Dean got irritated when she had to study. Dean wasn’t as supportive as a boyfriend should be. This also is displayed with his irritation with Rory for being at Yale, claiming he didn’t belong there. 

Dean continued to show toxic behavior in how he would always yell at Rory when it wasn’t her fault.  He often yelled at her in public, which is embarrassing and abusive. Without regard to Rory’s feelings and desire to keep the details of her relationship private, he broke up with her in front of a gym full of people. 

Even though Dean was at times romantic and sweet, he was not a good boyfriend. His possessiveness and jealousy were too intense for a healthy relationship.

Red flags at the beginning of a relationship are indicators of further abusive behavior down the road. If you are seeking help in an abusive relationship you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.