October 8th “Pink Out” Football Game


Alex Mancuso and Madison Fishkin

The month of October brings very exciting events and holidays such as Halloween, scary movies and the beginning of fall but something that mostly goes unnoticed about the fun-filled month of October is that it is also breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is common among women in America with about 200,000 cases and diagnoses every year. Many people show support for women with breast cancer and bring awareness by wearing pink or wearing the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer. The October 8th game’s theme for both Varsity and Junior Varsity was ‘pink out’ in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Anthony Pessia, sophomore, part of SGA (Class of 2024 council) and a part of the cross country team said, “I think the ‘pink out’ theme was awesome and it was great seeing so many students participate through the school day at the football game by wearing their pink.” He also said, “I wore pink to the game too and it was really fun. It was great to see the school spirit throughout the whole spirit week and continue throughout the game as well!” 

Mr. Andrew Little, an Honors U.S. History and AP Human Geography teacher, Class of 2023 advisor and varsity tennis coach said, “I thought the pink out theme was awesome, but I didn’t know we were doing it specifically for breast cancer awareness. Many kids were wearing great outfits at the game.” He followed up by saying, “I was at the game! I don’t own any pink clothing, unfortunately, but I did have a pink neon glow bracelet.”

Mr. Martin Noga, a French teacher here at Crofton High for French classes 2-4 and sponsor of the French club explained that, “I was happy to see young people lead the cause before the event.” Additionally, Noga said that, “It is a social issue that has a devastating impact on many families and communities” and he usually attends Breast Cancer Awareness events to show support. 

In addition to showing support by wearing pink, members of the Crofton High community could also donate in small pink buckets at the concession stand that the field hockey team helped set up. Kira Tilton, sophomore and Co-Captain of the JV field hockey team, shared that she, “saw a lot of people donate to the field hockey Breast Cancer Awareness donations at both the field hockey and football game!” Tilton also expressed that, “Everyone went all out for the pink out and I think that probably made people donate too!”