Teacher Feature: Mr. Von Sas


Mason Lumpkin-Jones, Staff Writer

Mr. Erick Von Sas has been teaching music at Crofton High School since the school opened last year. Prior to that, he taught at Old Mill HS, and he said that he came here for “an opportunity to start a new program” and “build a culture.”

He explained that music is what connected him to others and “he enjoyed listening and playing music” when he was younger. He also said that he had great teachers in high school at Delone Catholic, a private high school in PA, and “wanted to be a teacher because I had respect for the other teachers I had.”

Junior Clifford Booze said in Mr. Von Sas’s class “everyone is comfortable with each other” and he also says he feels that marching band is a safe place for students and “it’s fun.” He also feels a connection with his fellow marching band members. Booze said he believes that thanks to the help and support of Mr. Von Sas, his technique with the marching band has improved. 

Junior Kara Woolcock said “she walks in feeling good and leaves feeling good” and “the class is just fun altogether.” She said she feels connected to her peers and feels the support from them as well. Woolcock recalled a time when Mr. Von Sas took time after class to help her with her orchestra music selection. 

Junior Madison Strempek stated that “orchestra is very fun and she always has a good laugh.” She expressed how she feels his class is a safe environment. She also says his class is relaxing. When it comes to problems with music Madison stated that “he’s good at breaking down what’s happening with the music” and “after he diagnoses the problem he fixes the problem quickly and efficiently.” 

Mr. Von Sas said that overall everyone is responsive and positive and he enjoys the marching band and their positivity. He said that Crofton High School is “the best high school staff he has been on.”