Staff Feature: Meet the Administrator Mr. Kassel


Sophia Mancuso

Mr. Kassel

Donovan Hillsman, Staff Writer

Mr. Dan Kassel has been an administrator here at Crofton High School since the school opened in the 2020/2021 school year. 

Before coming to Crofton High School, Mr. Kassel was an administrator at Annapolis High School, and prior to teaching, he also worked for the Baltimore Orioles and as a lawyer. 

He said he came here to help build community. “I applied to work here because I’m familiar with the community,” Mr. Kassel said. “I wanted to be a part of building something special here.”

He explained that being part of a new school has advantages, like building traditions and listening to people in the community to help build it, but that those same advantages can also be challenging when a school starts from scratch with those traditions. 

Junior Andy Vasquez explained that Mr. Kassel is always willing to help any student, whether or not they fall into his alpha range.

“So like one time I wasn’t doing well in one of my classes, so he took me into his office and gave me a plan of what I can do to turn in my work faster and get my grades up and he helped me with that,” Vasquez said. 

“He’s really nice and he likes to get stuff done, and he will keep motivating you until you actually do it. He’s really supportive, too,” he continued.

Outside of school, Mr. Kassel said his favorite sport is baseball and said that if he could do anything for a day, he would spend a day with his family outside somewhere like the beach.