Teacher Feature: Ms. Snyder Teaches History and Psychology


Sophia Mancuso

Ms. Snyder

Sarena Reddy, Staff Writer

Ms. Maggie Snyder is a History and Psychology teacher new to Crofton High School for 2021-2022. She grew up in Waldorf, Maryland, and went to Thomas Stone High School.

After high school, Ms. Snyder went to a private institute for a culinary arts college, but after realizing she wanted to study psychology, she attended Frostburg State University where she received her undergraduate degree. After graduating college, she got a job at a mental health center in Hagerstown.

After working at the mental health center for a while, she realized working with patients wasn’t for her, so she went back to get her masters degree in education.

Before teaching at Crofton High School, Ms. Snyder worked at a non-public school in Baltimore for a special ed class. Then, she transferred to Woodlawn High School in Baltimore County, where she worked for 5 years.

After teaching there, she taught Social Studies and AVID at South River High. There, Ms. Snyder found a passion for teaching AVID, so she decided to become an AVID teacher at Old Mill Middle School.

Freshman Chloe Haseltine has Ms. Snyder for Honors US History. She said Ms. Snyder is doing a lot of things on paper, not digital so it is nice to have a break from computers. She said she enjoys that she does a lot of partner work and that it is nice to be able to work with partners because online school was a lot of working alone. Haseltine added, “It feels like we are getting back to normal.”

Freshman Cali Cox-Franklin also has Mrs. Snyder for Honors US History. She said she enjoys Ms. Snyder’s style of teaching and how her lessons are set up. “Her lessons are very engaging and she is very understanding of each individual student’s needs and accommodations.” Cox-Franklin said she likes how Ms. Snyder does a riddle before every lesson and said it’s a great way to start class.

Ms. Snyder described her experience at Crofton High School as positive. “I feel at home at Crofton High School, I’m really excited to be here and I feel very welcomed and the spirit is so high,“ she said. She said she wants to see herself and her students grow in this community, “I see this as a continuing adventure to grow as an educator and to build relationships with the community.”