Ask James: A Teacher Balancing Student Workloads

James Newman, Advice Columnist

What can I do as a teacher to consider student workloads in the context of all their classes and obligations? – Concerned Teacher

Dear Concerned, 

I think this is a very important question because so many students struggle with not only their mental health but the rigor and effort that many classes require.

As a teacher, it can be hard to understand what your students are struggling with/going through, and to you, it may seem one way when in fact it’s something completely different. So here are some ways that I think you can help yourself and your students out.

First things first, do something that is pretty easy. You need to ask your students through a survey. This is a very helpful way to get to know your students on a broader level as you’re able to see the general problems.

Another way is to personally ask those students who have shown problems in the class, granted they may not be the most open but it’s important to try. Finally, is to have an open discussion with your students and classes and get real responses, now you can/should expect that an answer might be “I want no homework!” which for them may be a valid response as they may have too much homework.

Also, another way is to maybe even talk to the teachers in your department and collaborate with them to get a further understanding of what exactly the problem is.

But at the end of the day, these are students and kids who are sometimes asked to do adult work when they should be the very thing that they are.

I hoped this helped you.

See you again XOXO,