JV Football Team Wins Against the Southern Bulldogs

Mason Lumpkin-Jones, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 29, The JV football team beat the Southern Bulldogs 43-0.

Freshmen Tristan Ross, number 41, and Landon Bushake, number 81, scored touchdowns. By halftime, the JV Cardinals were leading 28-0. After halftime, the team went for a two-point conversion to finish strong.

Head Coach Tanardo Sharps said, “ the team had a great week of practice.” He also stated that “ I was happy with all three phases of the game: defense, offense, and special team.” He said he feels that the team works really well together and stated that they are “brothers” and what they have is bigger than football and that “it’s a bond”. Coach Sharps continued that “ there’s always room for improvement”. 

Freshman Jaden Dennis stated that it was how well the team worked together and how they practiced that helped them win this game. He feels that “football has connected us(the football team)in more ways than one and on the field and off the field it translates.” Dennis said he feels that the team “ needs to get better on the d-line, stronger and faster and that even though some teammates are injured, they are still there supporting them.

Sophomore Dylan Morris said that the win “came off a little strong” and even though they missed some passes the team worked hard. He said he agrees that the team works well together and despite having the youngest JV the team in the league he says the team is “grinding and grinding every single day.” 

Morris stated “that there is room for improvement and for them, there is no off-season” and that the team “needs to get bigger mentally and physically and just fight.