Teacher Feature: Mr. McGuire Teaches Math


Sophia Mancuso

Mr. McGuire

Samantha Gallagher, Staff Writer

Mr. Adam McGuire is an Algebra 1 teacher and Math Department Head, as well as a Tennis and Cross Country coach here at Crofton High School. 

Mr. McGuire earned a Bachelor’s degree in Math at Wesley College, a Masters’ Degree in Secondary Math Education from the University of Delaware, and a second Master’s degree in Tech Education from Wilmington University.  Prior to teaching at CrHS, he taught at Arundel High School for one year, and Sussex Technical High School in Delaware for six years. 

He said his favorite thing about being a teacher and coach is building relationships with his students and athletes and that “being a role model for my students makes me want to come to work.” 

He also stated that he wanted to be a teacher/coach because “School came naturally to me and I always liked helping other students out. And I wanted to coach because I love sports.”

Mr. McGuire admitted he did not always want to teach math. “History was always my favorite subject, math was just my best. So when I started college, I became a history major. Then I switched to Phys. Ed,” he said. He explained that he is most comfortable with math and finds it easy to teach and that he wants to emulate the good math teachers he had in high school.

Sophomore Caden Rieben had Mr. McGuire for Honors Geometry last year. He said his favorite thing about Mr. McGuire was that “he makes his class as fun as possible to engage his students.” He added that one thing he appreciated about Mr. Mcguire was “his ability to listen to your individual questions.” and that he is a “great teacher that was easy to talk to and did not only talk about school.” 

Rieben said an added bonus was that “he’s also an Eagles fan”.

Mr. McGuire coaches freshman TJ Anderson in Cross Country. Anderson said his favorite thing about Mr.McGuire is that “He’s fun to be around” and that one thing he appreciates about him is his “good work ethic.”

As department chair, Mr. Mcguire said he is “learning something new every day, I don’t know a lot but it is helping me grow.” He added that “It’s a really cool opportunity, I could see myself finishing my career in this position, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”