5 Ways That Brightspace Must Go in the Dust

Karli Applestein, Opinion Editor


Oh, Brightspace. What a whirlwind. Over the course of this past summer, we have had to say goodbye to our beloved Google Classroom and try to navigate a platform that just has too many issues. 


The first was that we were thrust into it. Meaning, that we had no time to grieve the loss of Google Classroom. We also had no time to adjust and learn how to use Brightspace. Teachers make it obvious that they are unaware of how to manage it, and it often gets them and us students frustrated. Diving headfirst into something is never a good idea, and I never quite like something the same way I would if I moved into it slowly. Brightspace did not give me or other students that opportunity. 


Brightspace also makes turning in assignments such a struggle. Many times, things that are due are not made into a “google assignment” and so they don’t show up on your computer file when you go to turn them in. I find this so frustrating because we have to download all of these documents and turn them into a Microsoft word document. The google doc is still on my regular google drive, but on the file, it isn’t. So now, I have a bunch of assignments taking up space in my drive that has two copies because I had to make a second one for it to work on Brightspace. 


Along with not being able to turn in assignments easily, it also does not allow you to see assignments that are due. Our dearly departed Google Classroom had all the assignments with their class right when the site was open, but Brightspace requires about five times the amount of clicks than you would think you need. It can become a burden to use Brightspace for me when the assignments aren’t visible, and when you don’t know when or if assignments are due. 


One of the worst things about Brightspace is the confusion it brings me. Most of my teachers layout their pages differently (not that I’m blaming them since they got maybe two days of training), and it gets really hard to remember where things are. Some teachers put assignments in their ‘content’ tab, while others put them in the ‘assignments’ folder. I get so lost in that website that I feel like I am in a maze that never ends. 


I’m going to be 100% genuine. Brightspace should go. Google Classroom was widely loved by me and my teachers as well as my classmates. Why take away something that we were all used to and was easy for us? AACPS: do better.