Teacher Feature: Mr. Davis Teaches Math and Coaches Lacrosse

Christian Puglisi, Staff Writer

Mr. Richard Davis teaches geometry, coaches lacrosse coach, and hosts the fishing club here at Crofton High School.  He graduated from North Carolina State with an engineering degree. He later decided to continue his education at Loyola University in Baltimore for a masters in business administration. 

Before becoming a teacher Mr. Davis worked at a place called Collins Aerospace for 20 years. But last summer he wanted to give teaching a try so he decided to retire from his corporate job and applied here at Crofton High School. 

Mr. Davis said the reason he wanted to become a teacher was “to give back to my community.” One of his most memorable moments as a teacher was when he was helping a student. He said, “there was this student in my class that was doing really bad and was failing my class so me and him worked together and he started to really improve in my class and it felt good to help this kid get better at math.” 

Mr.Davis also sponsors the fishing club which meets every Wednesday during Gold Block and Friday during Black Block in room A204.

Sophomore Aaryn James, one of Mr. Davis’ students stated that Mr. Davis is “ A very relaxed type of person which translates to his teaching.” James also said, “Mr. Davis is very good at setting the tone as a learning environment when he teaches he is very enthusiastic about helping his students and it seems to be his favorite part.”

Another sophomore, Jack Wahl said that “ Mr. Davis is a good teacher and I like how he takes his time in class to make sure everyone understands.” Wahl expressed how much he enjoyed the way Mr.Davis teaches and how he pushes his students to try even harder.