Teacher Feature: Ms. Erin Few Leads the Social Studies Department


Ms. Erin Few

Ms. Erin Few

Ava Westcott, Staff Writer

“Taking classes where I felt like I was a better person because of what I learned, that inspired me to be a teacher.” These are the words of Ms. Erin Few, a social studies teacher and department chair at Crofton High School. 

The Crofton High School Website states that Ms. Few earned her Masters in Educational Leadership in 2016 from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. She joined the staff last year, and helped to open the first new high school in Anne Arundel County in more than 30 years.

Ms. Few currently teaches AP psychology and womens’ history. While she has been teaching AP psych for a while, womens’ history was an unexpected addition to her classes. “Sometimes we have random extra classes that nobody really wants to teach or that won’t fit in someone’s schedule. And that’s kind of how I came to womens’ history.” She added that even though it was more of a last-minute class that she stumbled upon, she’s “excited to teach it.”

Ms. Few was interested in teaching at CrHS for a few reasons. “Ms. Feuerherd is an amazing leader, and I was excited to be able to work with her again,” she explained. She was also excited about the new high school building. “I thought it was gonna be awesome to be able to teach in a classroom that had windows and all the newest technology.” Not only was the brand-new building inviting, but she mentioned her understanding of how “the Crofton community has been advocating for a new school for a long time, and I figured there’d be so much excitement about having a new school that I wanted to be a part of that.”

In addition to teaching social studies classes, Ms. Few is also a sponsor of the service club at Crofton High. “It just touches my heart so much,” she said. She talked about how it was hard to hold the club during virtual learning last year, but how it made her proud that students were still passionate about helping people during the pandemic. “It’s one of the things that makes me love working in a high school, because you guys are so passionate about changing the world, and to me that’s what service club is about. It’s about taking what you want to see happen, and making it happen.”

In Ms. Few’s free time, she is a huge roller coaster enthusiast. She plans to go to Six Flags next summer! She also enjoys visiting historic sites, and she mentioned that she enjoys history along with her love for psych.

Lindsey Hughes, sophomore, has Ms. Few for both AP psych and womens’ history. Hughes shared about the workload, saying “especially in psych, there’s a lot of content, and we take notes every night.” She added that Ms. Few gives the class “a format [for the notes] because she really wants us to store and obtain all the information possible, and have a good understanding of the content.” Hughes also talked about Fun Fridays, where Ms. Few “gives you tickets throughout the week for answering questions right or getting a really good grade on something, and then she has a raffle at the end of the week for some [fun] prizes.” Ms. Few also has her classes give a nice compliment to somebody that they might not know or they do know, and they also get one back. On top of these fun activities, Ms. Few also provides a mindfulness technique to help make one’s week better, like writing down 3 things that they’re really excited for or grateful for. These excitements are some of the many things that Ms. Few does in the classroom to get the students excited about participating in class.