Cardinals Holiday Gift Guide


Cardinals Nest Staff, Writers


For The Friend Who Needs Some Down Time:

Self-Care Stocking Stuffers: Hand sanitizer, lotion, socks, candles, Treehut Body Scrubs, essential oils: Get these anywhere: Ulta, Target, Amazon, 


For The Friend Who Is Into Trends

Print Pictures: Download images of pictures from Pinterest or Google and ask for 4X6 printed pictures at CVS, Target, or any other place that prints pictures. Ideas: pictures of their favorite places, movies, musical artists

Tote Bags: Decorate a tote bag from a Michael’s, Joanne’s, or Target. For extra fun, get the materials and decorate the bags together.  



For The Crafty Friend

Yarn, Gouache Paint, Paper, Paint by Numbers (You can buy custom Paint By Numbers on Etsy), Goodnotes app on app store 


For The Organized Friend

Sticky notes of all sizes, planners, bullet journal, zebra pens, PaperMate Inkjoy and Flair pens, gelly roll pens 


For Your Foodie Friend

Dash Heart-shaped waffle maker, brownie brittle, gift card to their favorite restaurant or store, hand mixer, brunch kits, make your own ice cream sundae kit, hot chocolate kit, air fryer, popcorn maker,  skincare fridge 


For your Skincare/Beauty Friend

Travel Size Fresh Cream by Philosophy, r.e.m beauty, 16hr elf camo concealer, Youth to the People Kale + Green Tea Cleanser, Ordinary skincare. Get these at: Sephora, Ulta and Amazon