Fourteen COVID-safe Ways to Have Fun With Friends at Home

Jenelle Thomas, Managing Editor

In light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in the state of Maryland and the country, here are fourteen ways you can have fun with friends and stay safe.

  1. Group Movies– Instead of going to each other’s houses during this time have a shared movie you can both start the same movie and watch it at the same time together (Disney+ has a button especially for things like these.)
  2. Explore a Foreign City- You guys can FaceTime and enjoy Google Maps together and plan what you actually want to visit at a later date!
  3. Sing Together– You guys can pick karaoke songs and do it via internet karaoke. Enjoy this time to sing with your friends and family members! 
  4. Host A Virtual Trivia Night– Trivia nights seem to be easy to do especially with the new updates on iPhones as well as google meets!
  5. Online Shopping– Even I tend to FaceTime my friends and go shopping with them asking if they like things back and forth from time to time. 
  6. Virtual Hangout- Just create some Google Meets with a few of your friends, reach out and just talk about what’s been happening lately.
  7. Video Game- Games are very popular now and it seems to be what people enjoy, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, etc. 
  8. Scavenger Hunts- Finding Things around your house and at the end tally points to see who wins (maybe even have a prize!)
  9.  Workout Videos- You can FaceTime with friends while doing different workouts together have a fun time while also staying healthy and fit!
  10. Virtual Charades- Google Meets seems to be very fun for things like these since you can pin people to the screen and act out a certain word or phrase.
  11. Play Music- Many people already create playlists and share them with friends along with SharePlay on Apple Music it’s very fun but it’s time-consuming to make playlists fitting someone else’s taste in music. A great way to spend time.
  12. Plan What To Do After Covid- Having plans on where to go or travel to after coronavirus gets better is also exciting, making sure you have a nice laid out plan of where to go, where to stay, what to do, and more.
  13. Self-care- Get a few face masks, scrubs, friends and decide which ones you guys will try as well as what to do maybe share your makeup routines or where you enjoy getting jewelry, clothes and more!
  14. Thank- You Cards- If you want to thank healthcare workers that are on the front lines with COVID-19 you can create a nice and simple card for the nurses, doctors, therapists, etc. You can email your cards to [email protected] for them to read and compile the messages.

These are some things you can do as coronavirus continues but you still want to enjoy the excitement with the right precautions. Stay Safe!