Chapter One: Ultraviolet r.e.m. Beauty line is Out of this World


Karli Applestein, Opinion Editor

Ariana Grande has won all of my heart. From her incredible vocal range to her classic high ponytail and sweatshirts as dresses with knee-high boots, she definitely knows how to present herself flawlessly. I was basically spinning on my head when I found out about her makeup and beauty line: r.e.m. beauty. Taking my expectations to dreamy new heights, each product in the chapter one release has such a peaceful vibe that it can practically drift me off to sleep. Grande is known for her subtle yet powerful makeup, and this line delivers the essentials needed to pull off that kind of look. 

Bringing your face to life, the highlighter toppers were introduced. There are ten shades; some neutrals, from champagne pink to vivid colors like green, purple, and yellow. Each pigment uses the pattern of sand on a planet in our solar system. The one I purchased, “miss mercury” was obviously inspired by the planet mercury. Its soft bronze-pink tone makes it the perfect statement for a fun night out with friends or just to add some spice to your face. With about 2 applications, you get an opaque result of shine and glamour. It is a pretty flexible product, meaning that the first swipe onto the skin is not too defined, but it can be adjusted depending on how much you want, without making too much of a difference. The component is unique and retro, coming in a “space baby” esquece mirror packaging. 

Having the perfect eye look is key for Grande, and that is apparent in the number of eye products she released in this line. The liquid eyeshadows can transform your eyes to absolutely fabulous. Coming in a huge variety of shades, all having their own sparkling personality, and appearing in the 1960s inspired packaging, they can be used to make your eye look like an explosion in the night sky. Grande is the master of the “cat-eye” look, so it wasn’t too shocking when she released kohl eyeliner pencils. With about 5 color options, you can sport a full and alive eyebrow. Though I have not purchased the pencils, youtube star NikkieTutorials had very high praise for the product in her video devoted to the line. “I feel like if anyone is gonna bring us an iconic eyeliner marker, it’s gotta be Ari,” she stated. 

Following the eyebrows, the true showstopper of any makeup look is stemmed from the lashes. It can be hard to find the perfect mascara that isn’t clumpy or easily smeared. Luckily, Grande released two types of mascaras in this line. The first one: the lengthening mascara, I did not purchase, but the volumizing mascara, which I did buy, came in the same 60s inspired covering. The illusion behind the metallic cover makes the product that much more enticing. The mascara itself comes with a three-sectioned lash brush, perfect for dividing the product among the lashes. It is long-wearing and gives off the results of a luxury makeup product. While it does take about two dunks to get the excess product off, it does smear occasionally after touching the eye, but only after very long wear. Finally in the eye section, is the eyeshadow palette. Produced in three variations, the shadows look very natural yet stunning at the same time. Also delivered in a shadowy metal cover, the inspiration from the 60s era and space generation takes a front seat for sure. 

The last but certainly not least portion of the launch, the lips. With three different types of lip products released, the options are limitless considering the shades and types of each product. The first, the matte lipstick, wins all the awards. The packaging is truly impressive, taking the shape of an astronaut helmet, again a nod to the 60s space trends. With the top of the lipstick poking through the “helmet” you immediately get excited to send your lips off to the moon. The lipstick on its own is very pigmented, and the shade I purchased, ‘bubbly’, is beautiful champagne rose, fitting for a natural but still full face. The glosses, many of which there are to choose from, are all plumping lip glosses. Although it is definitely something I’ve longed to try, the lack of non-plumping lip gloss choices is a bit concerning. Plumping lip gloss is not for everyone, and Grande could have released the plumping along with non-plumping glosses to give buyers more of a choice. Aside from that, the two I got, ‘chuckie’, and ‘jelly sandals’, are filled with glitter and shine. They give my lips a girly pop attitude. Being the final act, the clear plumping gloss in one and only shade, ‘on your collar’, was the first item to sell out on the website; and for good reason. It is one of the best products in the line and is glossy to the maximum. It is the perfect top coat for any lip look and plumps your lips. The packaging being a super cute classic lip gloss tube, you can drop it in your bag and go out the door. 

Grande did not disappoint. I am eager for other chapters and cannot wait to see her well-deserved and continuously growing success along the way. The product prices are comparable to mid-range makeup products, with a tube of mascara running about $1 5and a matte lipstick at $19. You can purchase chapter one items on