The Crown Season 2: A Great Watch


Aidan Frank, Staff Writer

The Crown Season 2 is a fantastic continuation of the well-known and loved series that follows the life of Queen Elizabeth. Between 1956 and 1964, much has changed in Elizabeth’s life. In fact, as a whole Britain starts to change culturally as well, with the paparazzi taking over and plaguing the Royal Family more than ever before.

King Edward and his controversial abdication of the throne to marry the love of his life comes forward this season, with many British people still despising the former king. Queen Elizabeth feels the same way, and learns a dark and disturbing secret about the former king’s friendship with one of the most evil men in all of History…

Queen Elizabeth is played again in the second season of The Crown by Claire Foy, who won a Creative Emmy Award for her portrayal of the Queen. Matt Smith played her husband Prince Philip, Vanessa Kirby as her sister Margaret, and the Queen Mother was played by Victoria Hamilton.

However, the wonderful cast does not just end there as two new main characters are introduced this season. The new prime minister, Harold Macmillan, is played by Anton Lesser, who is able to capture the erratic and anxious nature of the Prime Minister perfectly. Matthew Goode plays Princess Margaret’s husband, an unfaithful photographer nicknamed “Tony”.

In conclusion, at just 10 episodes, Crown Season Two is a fantastic bite-sized view into the history of the Monarchy. The show allows you to see those in the Royal Family as real people, and not just figureheads of Britain. It is a great watch for anybody regardless of your nationality and I would recommend viewing Crown Season 2 completely.