Crofton High School Proceeds with 2-hour-delay Schedule after Electrical Issues


Mrs. Audrey Ruoff

(Top) Lights flickering on at 7:00 am. (Bottom) Lights flickering off at 7:00 a.m.

Cardinal's Nest Staff, Staff Writers

This morning Crofton High Students arrived to a school dealing with electrical problems and were housed in alternate locations for the first two hours of the day.

All grade 9 students reported to the auditorium, grade 10 to the gym, and grade 11 to the cafeteria. All Grade 9 students were moved to the media center and the lobby after electrical problems in the auditorium.

Several locations in the school remain without lights,  and the school’s elevators are still not working.  but the majority of the issues were resolved around 9:15. Students are proceeding on a 2-hour-delay schedule

Parents reported electrical problems to the school as early as January 17; over the weekend, lights were already flickering on and off.