Ms. Kaitlyn Johnston Teaches Chemistry and Biology

Christian Puglisi, Staff Writer

Ms. Kaitlyn Johnston teaches chemistry and biology. She is a first-year teacher and had an internship at Great Mills High School where she worked as a co-teacher. She graduated from Saint Mary’s College. 

She said she wanted to come to Crofton High School because she wanted to go to a place she felt was welcomed and appreciated and liked the vaults here at CHS. She wanted to be a teacher because she always liked helping people understand things and said “ I always felt like a tutor and felt like teaching was the best thing for me.”

Ms. Johnston said she has loved science since high school and has always wanted to teach it. She said a big reason she loves science is because “there’s an explanation for everything and how it shows how things work around us.” Though she hasn’t been a teacher for long she said a moment she’s proud of is when a group of students did well in a group project and got a good grade it made her feel really proud. 

Ms. Johnston said she wanted to let people know that she has many hobbies like acting. She said, “people should remember that we aren’t just teachers, we have our own lives and have our own hobbies outside of teaching.”

Darius Coleman, a sophomore said “ she’s a really good teacher and always checks in on her students to make sure they understand the topic.” Coleman also stated that though her class can be difficult she works hard to make sure you can understand it and do well in it. 

Alex Langley, a sophomore said that “ she’s a great teacher and i really enjoy her class, though chemistry is really hard and can be challenging she is really good at helping us understand it and gives us time to do the work.” Langley then expressed that for a first year teacher she is really doing really well.