Teacher Feature: Mr. Nick Raymond

James Newman, Advice Columnist

Mr. Nick Raymond is a Geometry and Pre-CalcTeacher here at Crofton High School.


After High School, He went on to Rutgers University to get a BS in Pure Mathematics and a BA in English. Later he went to Stockton College and received his Teaching Certification. Currently he is enrolled at McDaniel University to achieve his Master’s degree. Before working at Crofton High School, Mr. Raymond worked for 6 years at Camden County Vocational & Technical School, located in New Jersey, then worked for 3 years at Crofton Middle School.


When asked why he wanted to work at Crofton High School Mr.Raymond said “Being that I was lucky enough to start my teaching career in Maryland working at Crofton Middle School, I was lucky enough to see how great of a community Crofton had to offer.  It was also a great experience getting to know most of the students.  It has been amazing watching students grow and mature since they were in middle school.  I love the high school atmosphere.  I love being involved with school spirit and feeling a part of a team.  I wanted to come to CrHS to help build that atmosphere.”


“I love the high school environment.  I feel that my high school experience really shaped me into who I am today.  I am someone who needs to be around people daily.  I need to talk to people, and I love learning from others.  In middle school, I started to coach sports and realized how much I loved helping others become better.  Once I got to high school, I wanted to teach.  I mean who wouldn’t want summers off?  I hated my math teachers in high school.  They were all bland and made mathematics more of a chore than fun.  My favorite teachers were ones who had a big personality and could get the most out of me.  I wanted to provide that to students.” 

Junior Emmaline Young said her favorite thing about Mr.Raymond is that “He’s straight up with you, he doesn’t dumb down anything if you’re not understanding and he actually works through the problems with you and is extremely helpful when you need it.”

 She also said “he’s really good at getting everyone engaged in the lesson and makes learning enjoyable” Fellow Teacher Ms.Grant said that one thing she admires about Mr Raymond is that “he is really good at building relationships with students. He is the type of teacher that will joke with you but at the same time keep you on track.”


“A memory that I have of Mr. Raymond is his spirit gear for decades day, when he wore his mullet wig.” Ms. Grant continued.

Mr. Raymond told about his outdoor activities that he does saying “Outside of school I help coach the Crofton High School hockey team.  I used to play but have not in many years.  I also love woodworking.  I like to make furniture.  It is fun designing something (that my wife wants) and working on creating it by myself instead of going to the store to buy it.”