Knockin On Ukraine’s Door: Russia Invades The Ukraine, Risks The Next World War

Jayden Moore, Staff Writer

Early this morning, a surprise Russian attack was launched on Ukraine. They launched airstrikes on multiple Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, the capital city. This moment is being called “Europe’s Darkest Hour Since World War Two” and it’s looking grim for Ukraine already. In the first airstrikes more than 40 people were killed, according to The Independent, a UK newspaper. Troops are slowly flowing in, but have yet to make full contact with the Ukrainian Military. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces are not going to give mercy. It’s clear that their early goal is to continue what they began when they annexed Crimea in 2014. If they succeed it could raise more hell for Ukraine.

The once falling defense stocks of the NATO countries has now risen, as war is not just on their doorstep, but in their home. NATO countries are flowing supplies into Ukraine to support them in their fight. It’s only a matter of time before the US gets involved in this completely. 

According to Reuters, there are 40 US Troops from Italy that have been positioned in Latvia, a bordering country of Belarus (a Russian ally) and Russia itself, and this is just the beginning of an initial wave of 300 troops. He also adds that he is worried about any shift or removal of American troops in Europe. President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he will redistribute troops, and Reuters reported that “800 infantry soldiers to the Baltic region and up to eight F-35 fighter jets to several operating locations along NATO’s eastern flank” 

This may not just be Europe’s Darkest Hour, but the whole world’s darkest hour. This is just the beginning of something that could be bigger. Who knows what Putin’s next moves will be. But when it is made, the whole world will be listening in on it.