Russia Invades Ukraine


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine highlighted in red on a map of Europe

Aidan Frank, Staff Writer

According to the New York Times , at 6am Moscow time airstrikes were heard across the country of Ukraine. It has not been a day yet but so far it is estimated that 100 people have died from the conflict. This was expected by many but it was still seen as shocking how quickly this conflict escalated. It seems that the rage Russian President Vladimir Putin is expressing at the decline of Russia has boiled over. 

According to an article by the Wall Street Journal article, President Putin trys to justify the invasion by alleging that he is concerned with the genocide of Russian speakers in Ukraine. Russia since the fall of the USSR is trying to reclaim glory from being reduced in both size and glory. Putin may be nostalgic for those days of when Russia was both renowned and feared for the power of it’s nation. 

At this time multiple airstrikes have been reported across Ukraine and an estimated 100 civilians have been killed. This is tragic and has implications around the world.  According to USA today Russia also vows to replace all Ukrainian leaders, removing the sovereignty of the country that has existed independently since 1991. 

This story is developing and the Cardinal’s Nest will continue to provide reporting about this invasion and student perspectives. Expect articles next week about the conflict. As always, the staff of the Cardinal’s Nest will strive to independently verify information before sharing it.