Cardinal Players Reflect on Newsies Musical


Photo taken by: Heather Sanders

Alex Mancuso


Crofton High School held its very first musical, Newsies, in March which ran for a total of 7 shows. The musical of choice, originally a Walt Disney 1992 film, is based on the true Newsboy Strike of 1899. The riveting storyline follows main character Jack Kelly, along with fellow newsboys, as they take action on unfair raises in newspaper prices. Brimming with dynamic choreography, pronounced songs and witty characters, Newsies was definitely one to watch, and the Cardinal Players did a fantastic job.


Now that the musical has come to a close Cardinal Players take the opportunity to reflect on the Newsies experience, and all that came with it. Sophomores Madi Knoppel and Cyanne Chedick shared similar feelings that their favorite part of the show was the high energy.  


Knoppel, who played Medda Larkin and Mother Superior described what she specifically enjoyed, “right before each of the shows when we were about to go onstage and people were stretching and getting ready behind the curtain” and, “There was just so much energy every night” backstage when that took place. 


Chedick, whose roles included Hannah, Bowery Beauty, and a Nun shared, “My favorite part was definitely our closing show, the energy was amazing and it felt like everyone was happy with how the show went.” 


The preparation that had to be done also seems to be a noteworthy aspect of the Newsies experience. Cyanne and freshman Isabelle Steen both expressed that what proved to be the biggest challenge were the sets. 


Further revealing on the matter Steen said, “most of our challenges had to do with getting our set approved. A lot of pieces were up in the air until tech week.” 

Although challenges presented themselves Symone Jackson expressed that these were problems out of their control. Jackson mentions how she puts her best effort forward in “remaining positive” and to “keep myself motivated by thinking about how good the musical will be once everything is in place.” 


All in all, the Cardinal Players exhibited positive feedback when reflecting on the musical. Maddison Knoppel confirmed by elaborating that the Newsies experience solidified her decision on doing next year’s musical, while Symone Jackson felt supported by the compliments given out by the Newsies crew. Whichever musical the Crofton Players choose in the 2022-2023 school year, it will surely be a fun and positive experience for everyone involved.