Upcoming Cardinal Players Season

Upcoming Cardinal Players Season

Anna Porter, Managing Editor

As this insanely successful inaugural season with the Cardinal Players comes to a close and next year’s shows are about to be announced there is a lot of speculation as to what next year’s season will look like. This past year there was the fall play, Pride and Prejudice and the spring musical, Newsies. But with the inaugural season over, the directors are ready for an even more spectacular second season by planning a small fall musical, followed by a fall play, one acts in January and to end the year on a high note, a big spring musical.

Photo taken by: Heather Sanders/ Newsies/ Crofton High


Drama Club President Reagan Davies jokes, “My guess is Into the Woods so we plant a lot of trees to make up for all the newspapers from Newsies.”


Caroline O’Neil who played Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice was thinking that there were a few possibilities such as, “Something Rotten because it is funny and out of the box but has great music and funny moments.” Her other thought was Drowsy Chaperone because it is, “recognizable, has dance opportunities and is something that is appealing to audiences.”

Cinderella: Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction/ Flickr.com


Sophomore Megan Howarth says that, “My guess is Cinderella. I feel like we have a good cast for it and it would be really pretty and fun. It has a good size ensemble and the costumes are stunning. There are also plenty of female roles.” As opposed to Newsies where the majority of the characters were male.   


Junior Chase Nester who played Jack Kelly in Newsies thinks The Drowsy Chaperone may be an option because it seems to be, “getting a tiny bit of traction because it’s funny and there are tons of roles.”

Drowsy Chaperone seems to be a popular speculation with multiple people bringing it up when asked what they thought the musical would be. Sophomore Madi Knoppel also thinks Drowsy Chaperone, “has a good chance, but whether it would be the fall or the spring musical, I don’t know because it can have either a smaller cast or a larger one.”


But Megan Howarth and Caroline O’Neil agree that the smaller fall musical will probably primarily focus on singing and acting rather than it being a big dance musical like Newsies was. Another show that was mentioned was 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee because it has “simple costumes, really funny characters and great music”


 To say the students are excited would be an understatement. Everyone is very eager to see what the directors have chosen for next year and can’t wait to see what amazing productions that the Cardinal Players are going to produce next. Check in to the Cardinal Players Instagram to see the decisions for the upcoming school years productions!