Crofton Cardinal Marching Band Holds The Cardinal Classic

Shyla Robinson, Staff Writer

On October 1st, 2022 Crofton High School held The Cardinal Classic in the gymnasium. The Cardinal Classic was a competition held for Crofton High’s Marching Band. This competition involved 11 other schools’ very own marching bands which included Wicomico High School, Montgomery Blair High School, Kent Island High School, Chesapeake High School, Annapolis Area Christian School, Thomas S. Wootton High School, Parkside High School, Rock Ridge High School, Broadneck High School, Arundel High School, Severna Park High School, and Crofton High School. 

Though the competition was originally supposed to be held at the main stadium, there were complications with this plan due to unexpected rain, which moved the competition inside at the very last minute. These weather conditions caused 4 of the schools that were supposed to be competing to not come as the weather conditions were too bad. These four schools were Montgomery Blair, Kent Island, Rock Ridge, and Park Side High School. With weather complications and all the competition still went on. In fact instead of only Crofton High’s Marching band performing, every band in a Crofton school came to perform the National Anthem as a welcome to the school. This included all the elementary schools and the middle school alongside the high school performing.

Members of the marching band have pretty similar opinions on how they believe the competition went. Band member Kenneth Hayes said that he felt very privileged to hold an event such as this at his home school. “I felt very privileged to have all these nice schools give us their time and a great performance” Said Kenneth “It was a great time.”

Another marching band member, William Endlich when asked how he believed the band performed he remarked that he believes it was good under the circumstances of the entire show being moved around, “Under the circumstances I feel that we performed very well,” said Endlich. 

Marching band coordinator and director, Mr. Von Sas admits that holding the competition is a decision he was a part of. “The circuit puts a survey to see who is interested in hosting and then they check how good the campus is and Crofton got selected.” He also says that he was glad that the different Crofton schools were there. “It went well, they did good. It’s a great way to get them interested in the program and talking to older people.” Mr. Von Sas also said that he does think his marching band performed very well, “Really well considering all the adjustments that had to be made due to rain and such.” Mr. Von Sas also revealed he would host the competition again given the chance.