Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Brings Back All That’s Marvel

Ty Benedict, Staff Writer

*Minor Spoilers Ahead*

For those who have had their gripes with the recent shows and movies Marvel has released, they sure won’t be disappointed here. The pacing, fight scenes, and humor are all reminiscent of the last Black Panther, alongside welcome additions to the MCU.

The movie starts with Shuri—played by Letita Wright—walking into a bustling laboratory, with everyone racing against time to recreate the heart shaped herb to save King T’Challa (Played by late Chadwick Boseman).  Sadly, her mother informs her that it is too late, and T’Challa has passed.  It then cuts to his funeral, where his coffin is lifted up into the sky by a Wakandan ship, as the screen fades into a heartfelt homage to Chadwick Boseman and his role as the Black Panther.

But the world does not wait for the grieving. Throughout the time of Queen Rowanda’s reign, world powers have been vying for vibranium, with numerous UN meetings devoted solely to Wakanda’s handling of vibranium. That story beat leads the viewers to the introduction of the Talokan, a new underwater nation that can rival the Wakandans.  They are heavily inspired from Ancient Mayan dress and culture, especially seen in the main antagonist’s design, who is based off of the Mayan serpent God K’uk’ulkan (also known as Quetzalcóatl for the Aztecs). Overall, the Talokan are a welcomed addition to the MCU’s growing roster.

Another addition to the MCU that comic book readers may recognize: Riri Williams, aka Ironheart.  Her character brought a lot of well-timed levity to the movie, and her genius is reminiscent of Tony Stark.

Together, all of these characters create a captivating cast, not only in their designs, but also in the characters themselves, and the movie delivers on the hype made by the original, and told a great story about imperialism, nations, and emotion that will surely captivate causal and diehard Marvel fans alike.