Cell Phone Policy Pushes my Buttons

Janasia Shipman, Staff Writer

The phone policy at Crofton High School isn’t fair and not working for some students because most of us need our phones and headphones to be able to concentrate on our work.  For example, I can’t complete my work when I hear loud noises, tapping hard on the chromebook, so this means other students typing is distracting to me, so I have to listen to music to distract myself from loud noises. But I also think allowing students to have their phones is good for communication and organization.

I think the school should keep the phone policy only because some students can do too much, like bully other students on the internet, or not listen to the teacher when they’re giving instructions. We should be able to be on our phones to listen to music but not for social media 

The phone policy isn’t only bad. Sometimes having your phone out while you’re in class can distract you from getting important information. Also another good outcome of the phone policy is for students and teachers to enjoy instructional class time and getting to know each other without the phones being in the way. Having your phone can also take away from students engaging into the conversation. 

Other students agree; I interviewed Crofton High School sophomore Keysha Darby, who said “ I think the phone policy is unnecessary because we should be able to be on our phone and do our work, we’re in high school and they are way to strict about us being on  our phones even if the class isn’t doing anything.”