Tasting and Rating Chicken Sandwiches Across Crofton


Corey Hurley

A bun-on chicken sandwich

Corey Hurley, Staff Writer

Chicken sandwiches are delicious and a comfort food many of us could not do without. A good chicken sandwich is juicy, flavorful, and saucy. A disappointing chicken sandwich, on the other hand, has no flavor, is dry, and thin. 

I’ll be ranking six drive-thru chicken sandwiches across Crofton. The list includes Burger-King, Checkers, Roy Rogers, Wendy’s, Popeyes and Arby’s.

I’ll be rating the sandwiches on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being the worst and five the best, and describing attributes as well as uploading pictures. It took about 40 minutes to collect all of the sandwiches, and twenty to sit down and eat and rate each one with assistance from my twin, sophomore Keegan Hurley. I did this during the evening and collected the sandwiches around 6.

Best Drive Through Chicken Sandwich: Popeyes

The Popeyes sandwich didn’t disappoint. The sauce and mayo complimented the chicken, and this was the juiciest chicken sandwich on this list. The flavor on this sandwich was what earned it the top ranking. It was crunchy. The bun was good but wasn’t great, due to a slightly weird taste; I might not care for a brioche bun. Definitely a 4.5/5 rating.

Runner up: Checkers

The chicken on this sandwich was massive. The chicken looked dry, but was not when I bit into it, and it had the flavor. All of the toppings complimented the chicken well. This was a great chicken sandwich but Popeyes chicken sandwich gave my mouth a bigger surprise flavor-wise. This definitely deserves a 4.25/5 rating.

Average Chicken Sandwich: Wendy’s

Wendy’s chicken sandwich was the most average chicken sandwich I’ve ever tasted. The chicken was a bit dry but its sauce stood out to me more than Burger King’s. The chicken needs more flavor and this gets a rating of 3/5.

Below Average: Burger King

For the past year I’ve been hearing all the goods about Burger King’s chicken sandwich. And I have to say it was disappointing. The chicken was meh and the sauce didn’t stick out to me. It was on the greasier side. However, the toppings did combat some of the greasiness. Burger King gets a 2.3/5 rating.

Way below average: Arby’s

Out of all the chicken sandwiches this one tasted the most fried. The chicken patty didn’t have much flavor and was thinner. The sauce and toppings were alright but the aftertaste for me was weird. This gets a 2.2/5 rating.

Worst Chicken Sandwich: Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers may have great chicken but their chicken sandwich was awful. As the picture shows, the bread doesn’t look appetizing at all. The cheese and bacon didn’t help its case. The honey sauce did the most damage, throwing off the whole chicken sandwich, in my opinion resulting in a 1.3/5 rating.


These are my official rankings and there were definitely good surprises and upsets, like Roy Rogers. For future reference, it would be good to also include Chik fil A and McDonald’s sandwiches, and I would have loved to rank the Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Sandwich taco, which sadly, has been discontinued.