Taylor Swift’s “The Eras” Tour Makes Waves Amongst Fans


Emma Douglass, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift is a very well known singer and artist, and most people have heard of her brand new album, Midnights. The album soon broke records, and everyone was talking about it. Directly following the release, she announced the Eras Tour, and this created even more buzz amongst her fans.

Taylor has had a few other tours, including the Speak Now World Tour, the Fearless Tour, the Red Tour, the 1989 Tour, and Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour. These were spanning from 2009 up to 2018. Her most recent tour, after the debut of her Reputation album, which was a hit. However, when she released Lover in 2019, she had planned to go on a tour called Lover Fest, but it was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the quarantine, she released Folklore and Evermore, which obviously didn’t have tours because of the pandemic.

On the other hand, now she has released a brand-new album and a new tour. She is set to perform a total of 26 times, but she could be adding performances later. Interestingly, this tour is unlike any other she has ever done, because she will be performing songs from all over her discography. This is special, because in her other tours, she would perform things almost exclusively from the album for which she was touring

As for tickets, there was a presale earlier in the month that many people signed up for, and as of November 15, there have already been many sales, and also many people being waitlisted. Taylor’s fans, who call themselves Swifties, are very competitive with the tickets, and some might say they are “out for blood.” It is likely that the tickets will sell out in little time, or even record time. Sadly, many hardcore fans won’t get tickets.

There have been many fans who are talking about the tour, and some believe that 26 shows isn’t enough. Though there is a chance that she could add more show dates, also opening opportunities for those who didn’t get tickets to get some for new shows, which could be great for someone who didn’t originally get a ticket.

Also, there is a great chance of people purchasing tickets, and then reselling them on another website for a much higher price, which could technically be considered illegal, but these fans can and will do anything for tickets to see Taylor. The original price for six of her tickets is around $1,515, meaning that each individual ticket ends up being around $260

Clearly, Taylor Swift is making waves in the music industry, and we know all too well that this tour is sure to be remembered for a long time!