A Letter from Coach Bonfigli: Thank you, Crofton!


Photo courtesy of Travis Bonfigli

The Crofton High School girl’s soccer team.

Mr. Travis Bonfigli, Letter to the Editors

Dear Crofton High School Community,

On behalf of my family, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for what has truly been the opportunity of a lifetime in serving as the head coach of the women’s soccer program at Crofton High School. We would like to thank the school administration, all our Cardinal students, the soon-to-be alumni, parents, and supporters for allowing us to be a part of your family. We would like to express our deepest thanks to Crofton High School Principal Kathryn Feuerherd, Vice Principals Dan Kassel and Bryan Godfrey, and Athletic Director Jeff Martin for all your support over the last three years for your belief in me and for giving me this opportunity. To coach Tim Stedman, thank you for capturing so many amazing moments and famous ‘Stedman Selfies’ with the team, you are a true school and community treasure. To Melissa Leddy, thank you so much for supporting and encouraging me to pursue the head coaching position from the very beginning as none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you. To Kelly Cook and Trish Snyder, your saintly patience, guidance, and wisdom in serving as the program and team parents these last three years will never be forgotten. We had no idea that me being selected to build the program from the ground up three years ago would enrich our lives in so many ways. The growth I have personally experienced as a coach, teacher, colleague, friend, husband, and father while at Crofton High School has been immeasurable. I will forever be indebted to each one of you.

I especially want to thank all the players who have my admiration and heartfelt respect for your hard work and dedication both on and off the field over the last three years. I will never forget you and I owe everything to each of you for making our program, TEAMS, community, and school shine. I will never forget all the effort, sweat, dedication, tears, dumping of the ice-cold water coolers, and the last 60 seconds we shared together along this amazing journey. You will always serve as a constant reminder of just how just how incredibly fortunate I was to share my love of the game of soccer with so many talented student athletes. Remember: focus on what you can control, chop wood and carry water every day, body language doesn’t whisper, it screams, and ATTITUDE! To my awesome coaching staff – coach Nikki, coach Courtney, coach Jess, coach Jaime, and coach Troy, please know that you were the five best decisions I ever made for the program. The credit for all the program success and brilliance truly belongs to each of you.

Finally, to all my players and coaches, always remember that I am so grateful for the transformational impact each of you has had on my life. While it will be difficult not being on the sidelines and in the fight with you in the seasons to follow, I am confident that great things lie ahead for Crofton High School women’s soccer. As you compete for tournament, county, region, and state championships, no one will be cheering louder for you than the Bonfigli Family. I will always be a Cardinal through and through, a fan of Crofton High School, this community, and of every single player who earns the privilege of wearing our kit.

It has been a BEAUTIFUL ride and remember that it is only together that CARDS FLY!

Coach Bonfigli