Young Feminist Club’s Women’s Shelter Drive


Crofton High School’s Young Feminist Club collects products for local women’s shelter drive for the holidays

Anna Porter, Managing Editor

For many people, period poverty became an issue during the Covid-19 pandemic. Period Poverty is defined as the inability to afford or access period supplies. Period supplies are not optional, they are a necessity to the majority of the population which makes it hard when people cannot afford something they need. The Crofton High School Young Feminist Club realized this was an issue in our community and decided to do something about it. In response to period poverty in and around the Crofton community the Young Feminist Club is having a Period Product drive.

The Young Feminist Club president Isabelle Steen shared about their mission by saying, “The young feminist club is doing this fundraiser because period poverty is a real issue that effects people of all genders across the country. One of the things we talk about in our club is the struggle people go through to access period products. Those discussions led us to the idea to do the period produce drive.” 

They are collecting period products such as pads, tampons etc. As well as toiletries such as deodorant and toothpaste. They are also accepting socks. The club is asking that all donated items are brought in unused and unopened. There are drop off locations in 7 classrooms and 2 other common areas around the school. The classrooms where you can drop off supplies are Ms. Grant, Mrs. Ruoff, Mrs. Redd, Mr. Little, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Raymond and Mr. Magaha. There are also boxes in the Library and the Lobby. 

Freshman Claire Vidoloff, one of the newest members of the Feminist Club feels as though everyone should donate, “because period projects are incredibly overpriced despite the fact that a large portion of the population uses them. It is a way for us to help people in the community who cannot afford period products.” 

Sophia Steen is the secretary of the club and she shared that, “Any and all donations can greatly help the cause. We are so grateful to anyone who can donate.” The drive runs until December 22nd and all donations will be going to Sarah’s House and the Lighthouse Shelter. So if you are in a position where you can donate, the Young Feminist Club urges you to do so in order to help combat period poverty in our community.