“It Ends With Us” Sequel is Worth the Read

It Ends With Us Sequel is Worth the Read

Sarena Reddy

*This article contains spoilers for It Ends With Us and It Starts With Us*

It Starts With Us is the sequel to Colleen Hoover’s bestselling book It Ends With Us, and a great read for anyone interested in romantic dramas. The first book of the series, It Ends With Us, follows Lily throughout her life while switching between entries about her current life with Ryle and her childhood with Atlas. It Ends With Us follows Lily’s story through her abusive relationship with Ryle and her childhood love, Atlas. In contrast to the first book of the series, It Starts With Us doesn’t include many major plot points. It was mostly written for fans of Lily and Atlas’s story who want to find out how her life went on after divorcing Ryle, and reconnecting with Atlas after so long. It Ends with Us focuses more on Lily’s struggles throughout her life, like her abusive relationship with her ex-husband Ryle, and her unexpected pregnancy, which completely altered her life, turning it upside down.

It Starts With Us is one of my favorite books written by Colleen Hoover because it’s unique, in the sense that it was written to finish Lily’s story and give her a happy ending with the love she deserves. Most of Colleen Hoover’s other books focus on the struggle of a character’s life especially the prequel, It Ends With Us, so It Starts With Us is able to give readers closure on Lily’s life, knowing that she was able to heal. However, before you read either of these books, make sure you check the content warnings.