Crofton High School students share their opinions about the recent schedule change

Caroline McDonough and Alex Mancuso

Starting the second semester, Crofton High School has enacted a new schedule change for Red and Gold blocks on Friday, along with opening more social spaces for students. The schedule change includes moving Community Wellness on Fridays from Gold block to Red block and now the gym is available for students to go to for socializing. These changes were made to address issues concerning students roaming the hallways, and classrooms overcrowding. The Red and Gold Block wellness switch also had the additional benefit of aiding Seniors with partials. Seniors who typically leave after their second period are not at school during the Red Block to meet with teachers and receive support, leaving them with only 3 free Gold Blocks. 

Lily Maher, a junior at Crofton High School, expressed that she feels these new changes are overall beneficial to the Cardinal community. She explains that the new spaces will “help fewer people be in classrooms and result in less pressure on teachers.” 

Senior Tommy Bell, shared similar positive views on these changes. Bell explained that as a Senior with only four classes, “I always want to make sure they are good grades, so I stay after sometimes, especially in Mr. Raymond’s class.” Tommy adds that he plans on using the gym when he is not meeting with teachers because it’s a place where he can be both active and social. It is clear that this addition of a social space helps accommodate those who wish to not be in a classroom during their choice blocks. 

Jeffrey Davis, a geometry and transitional math teacher at Crofton High School states his opinion on the schedule change. Mr. Davis states that he likes the Red and Gold Block changes for this semester because he thinks it will “allow teachers to work more with their students that need help.” Mr. Davis also voices his opinion on how often wellness blocks should occur saying “I feel like we could have one a week because the extra class support would be beneficial for all students.” 

Offering a different perspective is teacher Shelby Walker who teaches both AP US Government and Politics and Sociology. When asked if she would make any changes to our Crofton High School schedule she says, “it would be nice to have one longer block session instead of two shorter ones in the day so that it will give students the continuity of getting something done in one time instead of so much transition.” Mrs. Walker also added insight into why having two wellness blocks are advantageous for students, “I think it could be really cool if we used some time for ways students purposefully relieve stress or anxiety they might have.” 

Spencer Harrison, a junior at Crofton High School, brings a new idea to the table. Harrison states that he prefers the schedule from the 2021-2022 school year saying “I want my Black Block back.” Harrison prefers last year’s schedule primarily because he has “no reason to have an assigned lunch because now I don’t get to sit with the people I want to.” 

Moving forward, students and staff are embracing the new changes enacted at the start of the semester and are hopeful of the improvements they may bring.